RVA Jazz Juke: “Bedroom,” R4Nd4ZZO Big B4ND

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“Bedroom” is the first single from the album Charles Owens Trio – Three and Thirteen, released on Ropeadope Records August 9, 2019. Here’s the rendition by the R4Nd4ZZO Big B4ND.

Charles Owens – tenor saxophone/composer, Andrew Randazzo – bass/arranger, Devonne Harris – drums,  JC Kuhl – baritone sax, Suzi Fischer – alto sax, Kevin Simpson – tenor sax, Stefan Demetriadis – bass trombine, Pete Anderson – trombone, Ben Weisiger – trombone, Will Evans – trumpet, Marcus Tenney – trumpet, Bob Miller – trumpet, Sam Koff – trumpet

Video by Maggie Graff @m_photograff

Audio recorded by Zach Fichter @zach_fichter