RVA Jazz Juke: “A Day With Us,” Charles Owens Trio

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Here’s the Duke Ellington/Juan Tizol composition Caravan, from the Charles Owens Trio’s album A Day With Us. First performed in 1936 — 300+ versions have been recorded. This one features…

Charles Owens – tenor saxophone
Andrew Randazzo – acoustic bass
Devonne Harris – drums

…from the liner notes:

“This record is called “A Day With Us” because It was recorded in one day with just Devonne, Andy, and Me alone in Jellowstone studio. Devonne would press record and walk from the control room to the studio to sit behind the drums and play. It was a beautiful day and the three of us opened up and played from our hearts…Thanks to all the great musicians and great music scene in Richmond…thank you the listener for digging what we have to say.”

Available to listen to, and to purchase,  here.