Richmond Jazz Minute: Bio Ritmo’s “La Via”

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From the album Puerta del Sur, “La Via.” Follow the story line, try out the dance steps, don’t get distracted by the hats.

They shot this in Richmond, and you recognize the interior of Kuba Kuba restaurant, and Bygones vintage clothing, right?

Scholars of Bio Ritmo can immerse in Brent Baldwin’s reportage about the video here.

This CD and others by Bio Ritmo available here.


Current Bio Ritmo lineup:

Rei Alvarez, voice + guiro

Marlysse Simmons, piano

Giustino Riccio, timbales + coros

Hector “Coco” Barez, congas

Will Roman, bongo

Eddie Prendergast, bass

Bob Miller, trumpet, synth + coros

Will Roman, trumpet

John Lilley, tenor sax

Toby Whitaker, trombone