Richmond Jazz Juke and, like, old stuff

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Here’s the Bryan Connolly Trio playing Thelonious Monk’s “Ruby, My Dear,” first recorded in 1947.

If you play this through decent speakers, then Randall Pharr’s solo on bass, and David Roberts’ on guitar will resonate both your pericardial cavity AND your brainpan. Brian C’s drumming supplies quiet amperage, no distractions.

You probably told yourself, right away, that thanks to some semi-incompetent video work (mine), these guys look as if they’re playing within an animated oil painting from Northern Europe, around the 1600s. You figured, “It’s Johannes Vermeer’s The Concert,” and you’re right.

We can’t check the original. It was stolen in 1990, and it’s said to be worth $200,000,000 if they ever find it. But if you listen to live Richmond jazz  you get that much value, maybe more. And they can’t steal this from you. Not even these days.