Richmond Avant Improv Collective

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RAIC does film scores, free jazz, spiritual jazz, noise rock, avant garde, post rock metal and noise. “Lovers Never Leave” available here.¬† Second album, Love Lingers Like Poison In The Veins, should be out in October.

Samuel Goff – Drums, Percussion, Electronics, Vocals
Sam Byrd – Drums, Percussion
Jimmy Ghaphery – Saxophone
Justin Shear – Guitar
Jeremiah Shriver – Electronics, Bass

Jake Snider – Electronics, Tenor Guitar
Casin Whitehead – Electronics, Drums
Jason Snider – Electronics
Courtney Lebow – Electronics
John Morand – Turntables, Theremin

Artwork: Untitled by Amnee Jarushi 2016

Here’s Lovers Never Leave as performed at Richmond’s Sound of Music Studios, 9/16…

On your laptop or pad, use the “II” button, lower right, to turn off JazzRVA soundtrack before tuning in to the audio on this YouTube video…