RAIC’s new release: Multiplicity

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The Richmond Area Improv Collective’s new album Multiplicity is set for release on January 11 on the Greek label Thirsty Leaves. Find it here. The group plays multiple genres including jazz, noise, post rock, classical, black metal, free jazz, avant garde, film scores, etc. All performances whether live or in the studio are improvisational.

Samuel Goff – Drums, Percussion, Vocals;

Abdul Hakim Bilal – Drums, Guitar, Vocals,


Erik Schroeder – Alto Saxophone, Tenor

Saxophone, Percussion;

Zoe Olivia Kinney – Cello, Vocals;

Laura Marina – Drums, Percussion, Vocals;

Also Featuring:

Jacob Courington – Acoustic Bass;

Richard Schellenberg – Bass;

Tim Harding – Bass;

Tony Nowotarski – Guitar;

John Bliss – Guitar;

John Priestley – Guitar;

Lucas Brode – Guitar;

Jimmy Ghaphery – Sopranino Sax, Flute;

Tristan Brennis – Tenor Sax;

Sam Byrd – Drums, Percussion;

Rei Alvarez – Percussion